Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost.

Oh Darling, you must know, from the last time, I've grown.

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10 Reasons to Love Your Body NOW!

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1/? of my favorite Dramione fics: The Advocate’s Handwriting by Bex-chan

"We can help you if you’ll let us," she told him. "You don’t have to work for Him, you know. You don’t-

"Yes, I do-"

"No," she shook her head. "No. You’re not evil, Malfoy. I know you’re not. I have faith in you."

That word went straight to his chest. Faith. Such a foolish word, yet he felt the physical stab of it inside of him, right in his hammering heart, and his mind felt numb.  

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AU meme: After the Final Battle, Hermione returns to finish her last year at Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy was also allowed to complete his schooling, but with several conditions given by Professor McGonagall; strict compliance to school rules, abolishment of muggle-born prejudice, and acting as Head Boy alongside the woman he thought he hated the most.

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just please don’t say you love me
because I might not say it back
doesn’t mean my heart stops skipping
when you look at me like that
theres no need to worry when you see just where we’re at
just please dont say you love me
cause I might not say it back

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